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Mongiraud St, Castries, St. Lucia
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Cibigi® focuses on improving people's opportunities and abilities for a more sustainable future.

Cibigi® Makes it Easy, Convenient & Rewarding™

By making the items, products, foods, and or services your business offers more accessible and more attractive to more people.

Start Taking Orders Online Anytime

You will be able to easily sell online and be open to start taking orders online any time of day (24/7) from online shoppers with Cibigi Marketplace.

Get Purchases into Customers Hands Faster

Give your business more ways to deliver easier, faster, & conveniently with Cibigi Delivery.

Stay Open 24/7 to Showcase and Sell

Start putting your business first! Get an online store/website that's truly optimized to drive sales of the items, products, foods, & or services you offer.

Use Modern Selling & Managing Business Tools

Cibigi | POS: Powerful Point of Sale & Retail Management System to empower your business with modern management and selling technologies.

Reach More to Sell More with Cibigi Advertising

Cibigi | Ads: Advertise your business and the items, products, foods, and or services your business offers on the internet in the websites and apps people use every day.

Give Shopper Rewards, Discounts & Deals.

Cibigi |Cibs Rewards: Give Points, Deals, Rewards and Discounts to people who shop from you Online on Cibigi or at your retail locations. with Cibs Rewards a Powerful Incentive base marketing technology

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